2018’s top translated languages

As noted in the previous years, millions of words are translated every minute by machines and humans. Surprisingly, statistics shows that an average person speaks about two languages. The first being their native language and then, a learned foreign language. But this doesn’t mean a person can’t know more because there is Ziad Fazah who claims to speak 58 languages such as Arabic, Polish, English and many others.

When it comes to narrowing down to the most translated languages, the ones listed below have the most demand in the translation world.

1. English 360 – 400 million England
2. Spanish 570 million Spain, Hispanic America, Equatorial Guinea
3. Chinese 1.2 billion China
4. Hindi 260 million India
5. Arabic 292 million Arabia
6. Portuguese 220 million Portugal, Brazil
7. Russian 154 million Russia
8. Swahili 15 million East Africa
9. French 76.8 million France

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